Electric Companies

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Whenever a person needs to turn on a light, start up their computer or use any other electrical device, all they have to do is flip a switch and the electricity is flowing through the wiring and ready to use. When the power goes out, many people still try to flip the switch because it just comes naturally to do so. Today’s modern world is built around the use of electrical appliances, gadgets and systems throughout every home and business. Understanding how the electric companies deliver power to these places can help each person to gain an appreciation for this amazing feat.

Electricity is produced at power plants. The plants operate on fuel such as coal or natural gas. Some electricity plants use renewable resources like solar, hydroelectric or wind power to generate electricity. Nuclear energy is also used to make electricity. During times of high demand, power plants from hundreds of miles away may increase capacity to provide electricity to where it’s needed. Transformers are pieces of electrical equipment that increase the voltage of electricity so that the power can travel over long distances of hundreds of miles.

High voltage power lines are strung atop of tall towers and are located throughout the country. The power is fed into substations where the voltage is lowered and then the current is transmitted through smaller electrical lines called distribution wires. Large cities may have several sub-stations.

The distribution lines pass electrical current through small transformers on top of power poles. These transformers reduce the voltage again. The current passes through a service drop which is connected to a meter that measures how much electricity is used by the household. From the service drop, the current goes to the circuit breaker or fuse box. This is like the “brains” of the house’s electrical system. If the wiring becomes overloaded due to trying to operate too many electrical devices, the breaker will trip or a fuse will blow. Texas Energy gives you many choices.

Inside the House

Wires are connected to each fuse or breaker in the panel. These wires travel through the walls, ceilings and flooring of the house to each electrical outlet and switch. Flipping a switch to the “on” position completes the circuit so that current can flow into the light or appliance. Plugging in an item into the outlet is another way to complete an electrical circuit.

A Brief History of Wind Power

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Wind power has a long, proud history dating back at least two thousand years. The wind was an easy source of energy for ancient peoples who lived too far from the water or fuel sources needed by other types of power, and remains so today. In rural communities it’s not uncommon to see a wind turbine or two sticking above a farm house. Sailing ships have used wind power for thousands of years, and the Renaissance Read the rest of this entry »

The Benefits of Wind Power Over Other Renewable Energy Sources

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Learning more about wind power, and the advantages that it may have over other clean-energy alternatives can allow you to enjoy a greater understanding of how this technology is being used to improve the world. Reliance upon conventional energy sources and fossil fuels can result in additional damage to the natural world as well as creating a number of very serious economic issues. Employing cleaner, more sustainable and renewable energy sources in greater abundance has the potential to ensure that a brighter and more secure future can be within our reach.

Using wind power in locations Read the rest of this entry »

What is a Wind Farm?

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Wind farms are collections of wind turbines that are used to harness wind power. The wind moves each turbine, which in turn rotates a shaft that generates energy that can be transformed and used to power homes and other structures. Since the wind is a renewable source, and the turbines create no pollution, wind power is considered to be a form of green energy.

Wind farms can consist of just two to three wind turbines or Read the rest of this entry »

Wind Turbines: Building vs Buying

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Wind power is a clean, renewable source of energy that can be used to power the household. To harness the wind, turbines, or blades, are needed to generate energy. For a homeowner interested in turning to wind power, there are both pros and cons to buying or building a wind turbine.

For most do-it-yourself guides, pvc is the material of choice for the turbine. This material can be tough to work with if the right tools are not available, and many guides suggest having a few basic power tools that will aid in cutting Read the rest of this entry »

How to Harness Wind Energy

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Wind energy has the potential to be useful when employed on the small scale in order to provide direct power for users and industrially through wind-farms and other installations. Making full use of the renewable energy options and technology that is available may prove to be crucial in the outcome of any effort aimed at addressing the current energy crisis. Generating cleaner, more cost-effective and more sustainable power will have many important environmental and economic benefits that should not be overlooked. Wind power will be playing a more prominent role in meeting the growing Read the rest of this entry »

What is Wind Energy?

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Wind energy is energy produced by wind that can be harnessed for power. Wind turbines, which resemble plane propellers, are moved by the wind.The moving blades are attached to a shaft that, when turned, generates energy. Wind power is a clean, renewable resource and is being used in many places in the United States as an alternate to fossil fuels.

Wind power is formed by the heating and cooling of the earth. Solar radiation heats up the Earth’s surface, but due to the Read the rest of this entry »

Saving the Planet One Turbine at a Time

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Investment in alternative energy sources continues to grow as oil prices rise. For the amount of money invested in a new oil platform, thanks to improved technology, a fully operational wind farm can be opened. These new wind turbines are carbon neutral and can generate energy for decades with routine maintenance.

Countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom have begun constructing vast wind farms to generate electricity amidst climate change concerns and fossil fuel depletion. These nations are producing almost a quarter of their power needs from Read the rest of this entry »